Catechism III

Class #1: Virtues, Vices and Idolatry. 


God has unleashed his divine power to provide everything you need for a godly life.  But you must make every effort to add virtue to your faith.  Virtues and vices provide a conceptual framework, summarizing the church’s guidance in her relentless quest for goodness, and battle against idolatry.

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Pursuing God


You are not engaging in an internal quest of self-mastery. You have picked sides in a cosmic mutiny. God’s has unleashed his power within you so that your entire life can be a statement of loyalty – every thought and action, a reflection of God’s character.  But in doing so, you’ve made his enemy, your enemy. The minute you devote yourself to God, the devil and his hoards will mount an attack. 

- Catechism III.i